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Posted: Sun, 10th Nov 2013 3:13 PM

Alot of ppl look at win-bus when they sign in and look at the chat rooms and no one in the category area that is the first down fall and the second down fall is the rooms showing 90% is mexican & spanish & 10% american.I have had alot of ppl tell me they don't like win-bus because it full of mexicans so make the first impression of win-bus more likeable for others to join win-bus that is why I sugguest going back to the category rooms so the fist impression of win-bus is more likeable ppl are more likely to scan through the category rooms and stay longer.First impression of chat means alot like the longer you stay the more likly hood of that person getting the word out that win-bus is a gr8 chat to hang out inn so I sugguset do away with the users rooms and try out the category area and three when ppl go through the category area like you have it now and they see no one in these areas their chance of staying in win-bus is slim to none that why I suggest using the category section because ppl are use to do that in chat my first inression was like other people when I seen the users room full of the mexican room then I went to the category room and no one in them I said to myself this in not where I want to hang I feel like that would help bring more ppl to win-bus because the layout is like yahoo was and ppl are so likely to go back that than anything else and pal-talk suxz..thats my opinion so that is my two cents worth of suggestions ..Thank you for listening Mr Lee & admins...Southpark

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Posted: Mon, 26th Dec 2016 4:40 AM


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Posted: Mon, 13th Feb 2017 12:36 PM


Debertido bromista celoso y un poco romántico.. hablame a ver qe sale..??
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Posted: Sun, 10th Nov 2013 8:26 PM

WinBus is not yet being advertised because its still in beta stages, and we were more less waiting on certain features to be ready before it is advertised proper. Web Cams being the main one. The bulk of users are the ones who have been using it for the last 6 years, and the reason it has a heavy mexican population is because it was posted on a very very popular website for hispanic's by one of the users. I have also noticed a rise in German users too, so I imagine someone posted it on a German website. Once web cams are enabled, and tested, and everything is going good and smooth it will then get advertised, and prolly see a dramtic swing in users. Since Lee works full time I really cant see a time frame but in due time I spose. Just hang in there and keep checking on us.

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Posted: Sun, 10th Nov 2013 10:50 PM

KK will do

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Posted: Mon, 11th Nov 2013 12:00 PM


First and foremost, it is important to keep in mind, that users generally seem to prefer being able to manage their own room.

Prior to fully managed user rooms, the static system rooms STILL received little traffic, however as mentioned above there is very little SE optimization and advertisement involved at this point, due to time limitations in the early stages.

Users are free to use the system rooms (unmoderated rooms), they do not have to enter the user rooms at all, to that end I see no reason to terminate user created rooms to 'force' people who clearly prefer them to move; the result would -not- be people moving to set rooms, it would be people moving away from the network.