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Posted: Mon, 24th Feb 2014 5:38 PM

Ad-ware, Browser toolbars, antivirus, auto updating programs, mal-ware, all of these things slow down your internet regardless of them being "open" or not. Most times the culprits behind a laggy sluggish net, are things you cannot see. The best defence is, do not install programs you know nothing about. Also pay attention to the installer before you click next, next, next, to make sure you know what the installer is actually installing. Some download sites add there own installer or toolbar, and that's BAD! Only download software from the official site for that software! If you see ad's in the program you are using guess what? That program is downloading them ad's 24/7 even if the program is not open, and running. Let me repeat this cause I tell people they may have adware or malware slowing down there net, and they give me the same worn out reply, "I don't have anything open." Adware and mal-ware runs 24/7 even if you don't "SEE" anything on your desktop!!! Programs set to auto update slow down your net. Programs that another chat user made himself are not a good idea to install, no matter how leet of a programmer you believe them to be. So some basics to follow are very simple.

#1 - Only install programs downloaded from the Programs official site. And READ the reviews, and description of the program, and look for the words, ad supported. Look for positive reviews, and if it has too many negative reviews think twice.

#2 - Do not install "cracked" versions of any program.

#3 - Toolbars are bad for net.

#4 - Turn off auto updates on programs. If you use the program enough don't be lazy manual update. If you are using a windows based PC do the same with windows updates. Look the updates over before installing em also.

#5 - If you see a program that claims to hack a program, or give you superman powers, guess what? Its a mal-ware ment to attack your PC and get your vital information. Rule of thumb, If it looks too good to be true, don't install it.

#6 - Command your PC, Know whats running and whats using your net! Get to know your PC, and how it works. Know whats using your net at all times. A good program for windows users to check whats using there net is X-netstat-Professional Linux users can use gnome-nettools that's installed by default in just about every distro. If not grab it from the repos.

#7 - get mal-ware bytes, and scan everyday! It's a pretty good free ad-ware and mal-ware scanner.

#8 - If your on a wifi, make sure no one is pirating your net. Its certain the more people you have sucking down your bandwidth, the slower yours is gonna be.

#9 - Autostarting programs at boot-up, slows down your PC boot-time and performance. Only run what you need at the time and never autostart a program.

Most of all "own" your PC. Knowing how things work is the overall best defence against anything. Know whats on it, and how it works. Know what programs are doing what. A good code to live by is one program for each activity.

I am sure I missed 1000 things that can slow down your PC, and your internet, so people feel free to add your own advice to this thread. Most of all a little common sense goes miles!