How to use smiley faces (emoticons)
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Posted: Fri, 9th May 2014 11:03 AM

To use smilies is made simple by Win Bus Messenger.

In the chat window, you click the short cut on the tool bar above where you type, highlighted in red below:

Then you will be presented with a dialog showing all available smilies:

From here you can click one, and it'll automatically be placed into the text bar you type into, press return/enter or click send, or continue typing "around" the smiley and it will be sent with your chat text to the room!

The same applies to private messages, as below:

And the selection:

Note: On these selection dialogs you can also mouse over to see the "short code", eg. the specific code used for that smiley. Hopefully you'll learn this off by heart in no time to avoid having to use the dialog so often!

In Win Bus Messenger, we do have a set of adult oriented smilies that are packaged with the software, you can disable these from ever showing anywhere in the program by going to your Preferences, then Display, and toward the middle right, you'll see a tick box for "Show Adult Emoticons", simply untick to hide (or tick to show) (highlighted below)