How to view and set alert triggers.
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Posted: Sun, 1st Jun 2014 4:23 PM

How to view and set alert triggers.

Alert triggers is when someone types your ID or an alert you have set.
This will alert you in Yellow highlighted text and make a sound!

1. click Preferences

2. Click Sounds and alerts

3. click custon text alerts

you now have your trigger options up.

4. to set an alert you type the word,name or your nickname that people are calling you into the alert trigger box, i have typed sarah because i want winbus to alert me when someone is typing my name. Then Click Add Alert Trigger.

You will See that the word you want to be alerted about is now added.

a Run down of the options on your right, going from top to bottom is.

Remove alert trigger: to delete a trigger you dont want any more.

detect triggers and alerts: is to activate this alert system.

alert on user name: this is to alert you that someone has said your username.

Alert and triggers set: this it to alert you of the triggers you have added.

play alert sound on alert: is to play a sound when someone has said your trigger words or to alert you on your username.

Colour highlight on alert: is to flag the post that someone has typed any of your alerts in.

Colour box underneith that is so you can custom the colour you want the highlight to be.

default colour is yellow, i have kept yellow and clicked "OK"

5. Now click CLose and you are all done!

This is how it should show!

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